Friday, October 16, 2009

8.5.1 Install Times Vary, You are Warned

You have been warned.

If you follow me and other Lotus people on twitter you would have caught some feedback on installation times.

As I posted my servers get updated in under 5 minutes.

Not so fast for clients.

My laptop(haven't done the netbook yet) which runs Vista and has 3GB RAM took over 45 minutes or close to an hour to update. This with anti-virus and everything else turned off. Others online saw this as well and no matter 32 or 64 bit.

In contrast my XP machines(of over 5 years of processing power from the earliest tot he newest) took no more than 20 minutes. Others online again saw this too.

Still 15 minutes more than ANY install of ANY software that is NOT an Operating System should take, IMHO.

Years ago we used to do some installs of other vendors products which would take 30-90 minutes but that was 486 processor power for you.

What is the problem now? Did QA not test against Vista machines perhaps?

In any event, for those who do client installs/upgrades (and hopefully we all are doing many over the next few weeks, months) this should help you gauge some time and billing in a practical way.

And if you use the installer and customize it, check on the latest details, Andy says it's changed a bit:
InstallShieldTuner for Lotus Notes 8.5.1 - pwned. Look for document updates. A few changes, but I like em.

Hopefully he will post an update on it before I sit down and do it again.