Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take your (Dogear)Bookmarks with you

Surely by now everyone has done this and I have just been lazy.
But after reading Luis Suarez's post, I felt I must do it, what if the servers crash, lose my data, how will I survive?!

So off I went to Openntf.org to look into this great tool called, Bookmark Viewer for IBM Lotus Connections Dogear.

Now I am not a big Connections user internally, mostly externally, but as I have posted in various places, this is nice to get all in one spot.

Thank you to Hanspeter Jochmann who created it and posted it and included a very nice PDF to go with it so your users could get it up and running in a minute or 2.

Oddly enough you can download it without registering at Openntf so enjoy.

One caveat, which I am working on, it only synchs from one location. So I synched my Bleedyellow items, but I also have Greenhouse, Paxos, BP, Internal/External clients servers to push out/pull from.