Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SnTT - Why is my Domino Web Server Unavailable?

Bet you wonder about that too sometimes?

In the course of working on my MWLUG slides on my demo server on my netbook had this problem. Keep in mind, none of us would EVER do this in production, right?

Odd, it worked yesterday. Hmm.

After some trial and error I found that there is a little fact about Skype which I must have overlooked when configuring it or maybe one of the updates wrote over my settings.

Either way, if you go to Tools-Options-Advanced-Connection in Skype you will see this:
Conflicts with Domino port 80 too, duh

Make sure this option is NOT checked and you will be good to go. Otherwise Skype takes over your HTTP port and well, disables your web server feeds from Domino.

Why is this important? Because some time you will be working on a server in a rack someplace without any connection to the outside and just "load" Skype to get some help or whatever because you want it or need it.

But you are smarter than that, aren't you?