Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What if Domino Could Scale?

Years ago, I and many others even more intelligent than I pondered what if we could build a Domino infrastructure to support a whole country, say 5 million people.

It was a great idea and a great project but we were told, in R5 era, we shouldn't do it. Not that we couldn't or at least try.

At the time I asked around in Product Management about this and was met with the usual reasons but no one actually stopped and said, perhaps we can try it. It was just presumed it couldn't do it.

The time has come(and some might argue this was behind the Workplace initiative)to scale the mountain and the country. If the client side is not working, the server side always has and maybe that is where we are going. Client agnostic, but server specific.

Just wondering as I learn more about Cloud offerings and companies which want to leverage the world's infrastructure not their own.