Monday, June 1, 2009

Quickr 8.2 licensing bothers me

My thoughts around the Lotus Quickr 8.2 requirement around Lotus Domino 8.5 garnered a few interesting discussions and thoughts.

I am not a master of licensing but this strikes me as odd.

One question I posited was how does IBM license this?

I was pointed to this IBM license agreement for Quickr 8.2 by an IBMer.

As I understand it I am entitled to Domino 8.5 in order to install Quickr but not to use Domino for any other purpose?! An interesting idea since mail must flow, websites must run, both using Domino, which is already serving these purposes, does this negate the license agreement if they are not working with Quickr? Evidently, but why is IBM hampering SMB clients this way?

Are you prevented from using Domino this way thus requiring my SMB client to buy a second server for Quickr and maintain a separate server for email too?

What if they want to use Quickr now?
What if they are only on R6 right now? Does running an 8.5 server with DAOS and a names.nsf template from R6.5.x work properly?
Are you allowed to use the 8.5 template for names.nsf on your R6 server and across your domain? Or must it stay in a stand alone mode?

Or if they have an existing server, say Domino Enterprise Edition for 8.5 for example, by buying the license to Quickr 8.2 is IBM basically double billing, well let's say, double reporting licenses? Do these licenses count to the grand total announced at Lotusphere? Do IBM sales reps get these added to their commission checks and target goals?

Isn't this what Microsoft does as well that we complain about (and I have posted about)?

You can argue this is how it has always been and we should pay more careful attention to our license agreements in the future, but this, to me, just seems like something is odd. Or business as usual.

It's been a while since I was forced to ONLY use one version of a product with another.

Lastly, who thought of naming a version of Quickr which is in sync with Domino at 8.5, but call it instead the easy to remember Quickr 8.2?