Friday, February 27, 2009

Calendar Profile...Don't you hate that error?

Keith Taylor commented about it from my last post, Fud Buster Friday #29, and I realized I never blogged it before although I see it EVERYWHERE.

There are numerous errors and issues, some are more obvious than others. These appear when you first start up Domino and the server is checking various points of interest, well points of it's own interest. You can also find these, if you never noticed them, in your statrep.nsf(using the infamous name, Monitoring Results) file. Select Events, By Severity.
This will also show you what is wrong in your server(s). Before you do this, be warned, not everything you see is bad, so pay attention and react accordingly. If you need help, ask me.

I will try to hit the main ones in this post.

1)Keep in mind, the most common reason, if you as the Admin open up an employee's mail file and look at the preferences under the more option in the mail file you will see YOUR name NOT the employee. You can either have the employee login and fix this by selecting their name or you will have to run a lotus script agent to resolve it. See more details here(technote #1088892). This is usually the way to do it but I will list a few more possibilities in case you see other messages.

2) SchedMgr: Error processing calendar profile document
(NoteID: NT0000XXXX) in database mail\UserMailFile.NSF: Can't find user in Name and Address Book

Basically what it says is the mail file exists but the user no longer does.
Move the mail file out of the Domino directory to your file server and this goes away. For more details(it's an adminp issue based on what YOU the admin tell it) see the technote #1089324.

3)"SchedMgr: Error processing calendar profile document (NoteID: NT0000xxxx) in database filename.nsf: Can't find $BusyName field on profile"

Also somewhat cryptic but obvious. If you can't find a name on the preferences field of course this won't work. Right? Right.

So you have a few ways to resolve this, read the technote it goes into detail and includes code for you to fix this.

I would have included more except IBM's support search site went down and I need to head out. May update this or post a 2nd entry on this topic if anyone has more odd profile issues they want answered.