Tuesday, January 20, 2009

R.I.P. Domino.Doc, LS09 Day 1

Jelan Heidelberg announced today something we have known in the market place for almost a year or more. Document manager is being phased out in favor of FileNet and Enterprise Content Manager at the high end and Lotus Quickr at the low end.

May 2009 will be the end, support will continue until Sep 2012.

Some highlights are an expected Office 2007 point release fix, sometime in mid to late H2 2009. However, no expectation should exist around R8 support.

A trade in or trade up option for those on Doc currently will be offered.
Free to Lotus Quickr full version and to the restricted Filenet/ECM. Restricted means you will not be able to use the API's unless it is to meet a Dom.Doc customization. And you can not use the add-on products from Filenet/ECM.

Quickr will get some additional help in it's document management support but don't expect Dom.Doc level.

There are some caveats which are based on processor licenses but in the end IBM will do what needs to get done to help you move forward.

Expect some updates, finally, to the Doc website, wiki, etc.. over the next few months. assessment programs.

So the bottom line is, what are you doing with Doc? what will you want to do, what can you do? The lotus Quickr connectors make life much easier for everyone especially if you want to share the data.

In discussions with some IBM people around this topic I asked if Quickr can scale to 60GB files and the answer I received was internally at IBM the Lotus Quickr server is hosting 300GB+ of sites.

While some of my clients will be happy to know the end game, they have choices to make and they want to move fast to a new platform. that's my job for them and we hope to get them there with IBM's help as well when required and available.