Friday, July 25, 2008

OpenID, it took people 15+years?

The premise of having an ID file which allowed one access to a Lotus Notes and Domino application has been a mainstay from Release 1.
Of course over time the encryption key got better, went through a few government regulation changes but the ID is still with us and going strong.

Now the new age Web 2.0 people have decided they don't like logging in to 10 different sites, there should be a better single sign on way.

SSO is important, funny how the "legacy" SSO is just not good enough though, or perhaps LDAP is not as useful as once thought.

Do you physically need an ID file? Well Lenovo and IBM thought so with their biometric readers and obviously Lotus did. SecurID or some other digital ID format as well.

So once again the world has finally caught up to Lotus. So far ahead of everyone else, really they were and still are in some cases if you were in the Lotusphere side room where the new projects were shown.

Universal ID, for the US is basically your social security number but no one would use that on the internet.

I have an openID, came via Yahoo or some other site recently.

Really this is about one giant LDAP but in a more granular approach I think. I wish my Directory mentor would discuss this, Dr. Goodman you out there?