Friday, May 9, 2008

Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite, You paid what!?

They got you sucker!

And you love them for it.
My good customer, what is wrong with your thinking?

If i told you there were 2 similar cars, but one included everything (or nearly everything) in a simple tier of A, B, C and the other required an a la carte menu of numerous choices, which would you prefer?

In most cases the cheaper solution and/or the one which comes in Ferrari Red or better yet Lotus Yellow. OK some of you will argue best mileage per gallon or performance if all else is equal. But what if all else is not equal, especially the price.

I can not provide pricing here that is up to date as I don't have it, BUT I will question why someone would buy an Enterprise CAL Suite (ECALs). Why anyone would buy Office or a "Core CAL Suite" is just really a waste of money in today's world of open productivity tools from Google, Lotus, OpenOffice, Zimbra.

Even if you have a Windows infrastructure, you have choices, go investigate them.

If nothing else, did you know when you buy the ECALs you are basically paying:
2 CALS's for Exchange?
2 CALS's for Sharepoint!?
2 different CAL's for Communication Server, and this takes guts from MS, Standard and Enterprise??!!

Not enough for you?

How about the System Center Operations Manager Client that is part of the ECAls.
This product, among other things, promises to provide Agentless Exception Monitoring for "client crash" monitoring.

WOW, so you have just paid them to be a tester of their software too and they admit it crashes enough to warrant such a program...and YOU STILL PAY FOR IT!

To be fair, Microsoft is trying to build a BMC or Tivoli like product but failure should be the exception not the rule which requires this.